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Located in Agia Pelagia Beach

El Greco Hotel - Kythira Golden Sun

Kythira Golden Sun

Kythira Golden Sun is located at 110m distance from Agia Pelagia Beach, in the island of Kythira. It's close to popular local sightseeings, restaurants and more.

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Kythira island

Τhe unique island of Kythira is located in Greece, in the sea between Crete and the Peloponnese. This is an island which stands at the crossroads of seas and of different cultures; it also stands at the crossroads of the island cultures of the Aegean and of the Ionian sea. Kythira has also been poetically sung since the ancient times, and is considered to be the island of Eros and Venus.

The influence of numerous civilisations have left indelible cultural marks on Kythira

Minoan sanctuaries; the ancient city of Skandia, beneath the sea of ​​Paleopolis; "Paleochora" or "Saint Dimitris" (the Byzantine capital of the island, destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa); the castle of Chora, which became the latest capital of the island, a remaining of the Venetian occcupation; the Venetian harbor of "Avlemonas" with its castle, and the numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries.

Kythira Golden Sun

An amazing, natural paradise