Sivota is a picturesque, seaside settlement on the south part of Thesprotia county, built on a small closed bay. Sivota are know from the history from the battle with the Corinthians against Corfu, during the Peloponissian war, on 433 B.C. During the Turkish occupation, the settlement took the name “Mourtos”. Mourtos was the name of a dignitary that used to tax all commercial ships were passing from Sivota. They kept this name till 1959 when the original name was brought back.

  Beyond history, Sivota is attracting a great number of tourists yearly. The picturesque little islands Agios Nikolaos and Mavron Oros (Black mountain, this is where the lighthouse was built in 1884) are surrounding the settlement are accessible with small boats and their beaches are clean and wait for you to swim. Some of these are: Small sand (mikri amos), Pisina (the pool), The French sea wall (Galikos Molos), Zavia and Megalo Stafo.

  With Sivota as your base, you are able to visit many remarkable sites, with touristic or archaeological interest but also natural beauties.

  Sivota has over 3.000 inhabitants and the capital of the municipality is Plataria.