About El Greco Hotel

About El Greco Hotel

A magnificent world, in a warm atmosphere of a unique environment, in the old town of Chania

The El Greco Hotel is located in the old town of Chania, right next to the Venetian harbor and only 500m from the beach of Nea Chora.

Enjoy a really magnificent world, discover the charm and the quality of life in a hotel, which has been recently renovated, that has so much to offer to it's special guests. We have more to offer than merely the carefully chosen design of the salon and the rooms.

The warm atmosphere and the uniqueness of the El Greco Hotel are sure to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

After the occupation of the city by the Turks (1645) several changes occurred that influenced the structure of the city and the living conditions in general. The Turkish population settled mainly at the eastern districts of Kasteli and Splantzia. The Christian population settled mainly at the district of Topanas, on the northwestern part of the city.

The name "Topanas" derives from the Venetian powder magazine (in Turkish, "Top-Hane") that was located on the street "Theotokopoulou". In about the end of the 19th century, the district of Topanas featured beautiful houses, narrow streets and magnificent Venetian buildings.

The Consulates the Great Powers were located there, and later they moved the district of Halepa. Nowadays, the district of Topanas features a variety of centers at the sea front, ideal for the social gatherings of the people of Chania.

The "Firka" (meaning "military unit") fortress is located on the northwest part of Topanas.

The El Greco was 2 houses together, one next to the other, which was demolished internally only, the year 1979 when the construction started.

During the second World War one of the two houses used as asyrmatistirio by Greek fighters.

The hotel was named after the famous painter, because of the homonymous name of the street ''Theotokopoulou''.

Efi Margiolaki - General Manager

About Chania

The most poetic city of Crete

The most poetic city of Crete when you walk through it leaves you with a pleasant taste of beauty. Built on the ruins of ancient Kydonia it has seen and survived many invaders, but has also tasted civilizations that left their marks on building faces, castles, walls, antiquities, monasteries and churches.

The city has two entrances: the airport of Akrotiri, and the port of Souda (the largest in the Mediterranean). The public market holds a master place in the center of the city, a brilliant cross-shaped building that was completed in 1913, and in proportion with the one in Marseilles.

Near the city center the Public Garden awaits you next to the Peace and Friendship of the people park. The gardens are the prettiest in Crete, and also the public garden offers a small zoo with animals from Cretan fauna.

The Venetian port picturesque any time and season is attractive to visitors and locals, for it’s beauty and for it’s choices of entertainment for all tastes and demands. The old city intramural districts preserve their Venetian nobility. Narrow paved alleys are surrounded with tasteful renewed houses, from various ages, are offered for a pleasant walk. Many neoclassic houses are also saved in districts which neighbor with the city of Chania, like Halepa.

Our Services

Personalized services, in a warm atmosphere, by a friendly personnel

Enjoy your coffee or drink on our roof-garden, on the top floor of our hotel (where you can take in the view of the Venetian harbor and the beautiful town of Chania) or on the nice pedestrian way which is right in front of the hotel. In the morning, you can enjoy our buffet breakfast. The hotel is provides Wi-Fi Internet conection, free of charge.

El Greco Hotel

The warm atmosphere and the uniqueness of the El Greco Hotel are sure to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

The warm atmosphere and the uniqueness of the El Greco Hotel are sure to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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